The Very Essynce of Events


The Very Essynce of Events, LLC “event services” is one element that makes this event business out shine others. We are your “one stop event shop.”

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Baby Sitting Services: Essynce Consultant(s) are available to baby-sit children during any wedding/event ensuring that they are being well taken care of by experienced professionals. This service will put at ease parents/guardians who would like their little guests to enjoy the event also or parents/guardians who just need a sitter allowing them to enjoy themselves.

Host/ess: Male or female who acts as a greeter to the invitee’s of an affair. They would act as an escort to seat single parents/guests at an event/wedding. Usually dresses in black formal wear (tuxedo or black suit), unless client requests different attire.

Wait staff: Male and/or female who walks the floor and serves the guests, drinks & hor’d erves. Usually dresses in black & white, with optional white gloves.

Security: Professional Protection Specialists who are highly trained and dependable private agents who oversees and ensures the safety of the event. Security professionals can act as door guards who will search and verify proper ID. Client can request armed or unarmed guards.

Cleaning Services: Male and/or female staff available prior to and after the affair, to sweep, mop, and clean up debris, props, décor etc.

Entertainment: (this includes dj’s, live bands, belly dancers, clowns, etc) – We only establish relationships with vendors that meet The Very Essynce Of Events requirements. The Essynce consultant will provide the client with a portfolio or sample of vendors’ expertise prior to contract signing for this service.

Coat Check: This service is provided seasonal. The guest’s coat, wrap etc. will be obtained, placed on a hanger with a ticket number and the corresponding ticket will be handed to the guest. The Very Essynce of Events, LLC nor the venue will be held responsible for lost tickets or items. In the event a guest misplaces their ticket, they will have to wait until all tickets are collected and provide written description of the article along with verifiable information and signature in order to release any articles claimed with out a ticket.

Bartenders: A professional who is knowledgeable in mixing alcohol drinks, as well as, any non-alcoholic beverage.

Caterers: Experienced chef’s skilled in various cuisines available for food preparation, as well as, presentation both on and off premises. We only establish relationships with vendors that meet The Very Essynce Of Events requirements. The Essynce consultant will provide the client with a portfolio or sample of vendors’ expertise prior to contract signing for this service.

RSVP Services: The Very Essynce of Events will work with client(s) to establish necessary lists that require a response. This service can include: guest lists for parties, weddings, corporate functions and seminars, etc. We will maintain an accurate listing of the guests attending, not attending, meal selections and special requests. From these lists we will be able to create mailing labels, seating charts, and itineraries.

Skin Care Services: The Very Essynce of Events has skin-care providers who can provide radiant, flawless skin. From age fighting skin care to microdermabrasion to super-hydrating moisturizers, just right for the clients skin type. Make-up artistry can be provided as well. We highly advise our bridal clients not to try anything “new” right before her wedding day. It is possible that she may have an allergic reaction to products. We recommend trying the service that she is interested in 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day.

Customized Cakes: The Very Essynce of Events offers awesome customized cakes, and confectionaries to meet every budget and taste. A portfolio or sample of expertise will be required prior to contract signing for this service.

Customized Centerpieces: This service is essential to create an eye-catching atmosphere for the event. Our centerpieces vary, according to the event. Theme centerpieces to meet our client’s desire and taste. Some of these services are outsourced to only the best and reliable vendors.

Customized Favors: We specialize in unique favors or mementos for your guests to cherish in memory of your event/wedding.

Balloon Décor: We offer a full line of balloon services, including balloon decor, centerpieces, arches, and special effects (balloon drops, balloon releases, etc.).

Photography/Videography: A professional with the expertise of capturing “The Very Essynce of your Event”.

Floral Design: Our floral designs are created with an “essence” appeal to achieve your vision. Our designers are unique, creative, enthusiastic, and top-notch at their masterpieces.

Mobile Massage Services: Our professional “mobile” masseuse can bring these services directly to you and your bridal party, which will assist in preparing you for your enjoyable event.
The “essence” of a therapeutic massage is to restore health to the mind, body, and soul.