The Very Essynce of Events


Do you offer a free Initial Consultation?
Yes, we offer a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation and then we charge $75.00 per hour thereafter. In addition, we offer a face- to-face consultation at $75.00 per hour in which we will provide you a wealth of information.

How do I make an appointment for a consultation?
You may call our Toll Free number at 888-ESSYNCE (377-9623) or e-mail to schedule an appointment. Our office hours are by appointment only.

Payment is due 72 hours prior to the consultation.
You may purchase a consultation on-line by sending your payment to via paypal and noting in the comments area name and date of consultation. We only accept credit cards, money orders and Paypal or please feel free to "buy now."

How to prepare for your appointment?
Bring photos of how you envision your event/wedding.
Write down any questions that you have.
Be prepared to discuss your approaching event/wedding with two or more Essynce Consultants.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, payment plans are available. Payment plans can be customized between the client and the Essynce Consultant to better suit the client’s needs.

Will my taste be incorporated into the wedding?
Yes, your taste is incorporated into the wedding and we get your approval at all stages of the planning process.

How long have you been in business?
Since the “Essynce of Time”

How many event/weddings do you plan a month?
The amount of event/weddings you plan a month varies depending on our Essynce Consultants availability.

Do you belong to any Professional Associations?
International Association of Administrative Professionals
International Special Events Society

Do you work with limited budgets?
Yes, we work with all budgets and available at any stage of the planning process.